The Sensational itel S23+ Comes Preloaded With Google Apps


    Sensational, stunning, perfect. You can’t run out of adjectives when it comes to the new itel S23+ smartphone and you’ll know why in this article.

    If itel is the “Enjoy Better Life” brand for any reason among other reasons, it is because of a smartphone like the itel S23+, the latest wonder in the ‘S’ series. Whether it’s the new AMOLED 3D curved screen design, the massive memory, or even the surprising 50MP portrait camera, the itel S23+ is the new smartphone in town. Here is why everyone wants one.

    The itel S23+ Is More than Just A Smartphone Screen

    What’s your orientation towards a smartphone screen? Take it to the highest level with the itel S23+. The itel S23+ boasts a 6.8”-inch AMOLED 3D curved screen – the only AMOLED 3D curved screen phone in its price range. And the benefits are endless. First, the itel S23+ brings you an immersive visual experience, perfect for the realistic images you’ll need in your gaming and movie experience.

    You’re never likely to experience visual fatigue or eye strain when you get the full visual comfort of the itel S23+, and squint your eyes to view your smartphone screen when outdoors? Not on the itel S23+! Even better is the much stronger Corning CG5 screen glass, so when your itel S23+ drops, all you have to do is pick it up and move! And with a high-end exterior design, you will never see smartphone screens the same way again after you use the itel S23+.

    Experience 256GB Expandable Memory On The itel S23+

    Say goodbye to small memory and enjoy a BIG difference on the itel S23+. The itel S23+ is packed with 16 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage. With this, you can store as many apps, games, music, and movies as you want.

    This mega memory feature gives you the answer you need for small storage and phone lagging after long-term use, and this is even better for gaming purposes, as the itel S23+ includes a T616 Octa Core processor for good graphics, heat dissipation and a generally stable gaming experience. It is obvious that with the itel S23+, it’s not about what you can do but how much YOU want to do.

    Go for The 32MP+50MP AI Cameras On The itel S23+

    It’s simple really; awesomeness without limits. You’ll discover there is more to capture out of life, when you enjoy the 32MP+50MP Portrait Cameras of the itel S23+. The itel ‘S’ series isare a true work of art when it comes to selfies, so you cannot expect less with the 32MP clear selfie camera of the itel S23+. For the 50MP rear camera, photos are different as they are clearer, truer and also the strongest of the ‘S’ series. You can try the itel S23+ out to test this assertion yourself.

    Enjoy Super Useful Google Apps On The itel S23+

    The itel S23+ comes with helpful Google Apps. Find your next job, get news on the go, and get instant updates on sports with Google Search. Enjoy content made for you on YouTube. Find your way with Google Maps, and lots more.

    A wide range of Google Apps come pre-installed on the itel S23+ to help you do more and be your best.

    Never Doubt THAT Battery Performance

    It’s an itel smartphone, what else did you expect? The itel S23+ has a 5000mAh battery to keep you on the greatness for long hours. It also includes an 18W fast-charging feature, meaning you can’t even be away from your itel S23+ for long. And why should you?

    Before You Go To That Phone Store…

    You should know that all the goodness -and MORE- of the itel S23+ comes with a jaw-dropping warranty. You can enjoy a FREE 6-month screen replacement guarantee, as well as a 36-month VIP warranty, when you get the itel S23+. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

    When You Get to That Store…

    Be free to enjoy the itel S23+, which comes in the Elemental Blue and Lake Cyan colours. For just N155,500, you can shop for the itel S23+ at any phone retail store near you or on Jumia ( and experience the curve on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

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