ChatGPT Finally Connected To Internet: 8 Things You Can Now Do

    Artificial Intelligence company, OpenAI has finally connected its AI chatbot, ChatGPT to the internet. With this development, you can now do several things that you couldn’t have been able to do with ChatGPT before the internet connection. In fact, here are 8 things you can now do with ChatGPT that were not possible before. But before then, you need to know this.

    Need To Connect To The Internet:

    ChatGPT has led the AI chatbot space since its launch, but its inability to connect to the internet was a bigger problem initially.

    Because of the problem, the chatbot could only access information prior to 2021.

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    This meant that the chatbot was only informed and could only serve your needs based on data from 2021 backwards.

    So, any query or need you want the chatbot to answer which borders on issues after 2021, then ChatGPT won’t answer or provide you with the answer.

    Need for internet connection:

    Meanwhile, apart from the need to grant the chatbot access to the web which will make it give updated information that is not limited to era before 2021, OpenAI soon intensified efforts after competitors such as Microsoft and Google gave their chatbots access to the web.

    Consequently, OpenAI announced it would do the same with ChatGPT, especially as it promised to allow the chatbot integrate with plugins that will help it do so.

    With this connection to the internet, the plugins help ChatGPT access information like sports scores, stock prices and the latest news.

    Now that it is linked to the internet, like any search engine, ChatGPT can show you latest news on anything happening.

    So, for instance, if a country is coronating a new king just like it was with England and King Charles, or having her election like Nigeria did recently, or a musician releases an album, you can read about all that on the chatbot!

    This also means that ChatGPT now works like your typical search engine such as Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo and Baidu.

    It can also work like Yandex, DuckDuckGo, and or Ecosia, to name a few.

    Similarly, with the internet connection and the various functional plugin integrations, the chatbot can help you plan your travels, book or hotels, plan exams, decide on which medication is best for which diseases and or look for which best beauty kits or gym activities are best for your goals.

    One of the developers of a plugin to integrate with ChatGPT is Expedia Group.

    Now, let’s check out 8 things you can now do with ChatGPT now that its connected to the internet.

    A technology and AI educator, discuses 8 things OpenAI’s chatbot can now allow you do after its connected to the web.

    8 things you can now do with ChatGPT Connected to the internet:

    1. Summary of a news:

    According to him, ChatGPT can now summarize any news in just seconds for.

    You can feed the chatbot the following prompt so it can summarize a news query for you in short paragraphs.

    Prompt: “What were the main points from the last United Nations climate change report released in 2023? Summarize with a short paragraph and a list.”

    2. Detecting Trends”

    Now that ChatGPT is connected to the web, you now have a trusted and informed ally and companion to help you detect trends in a given field.

    For instance, you can ask the chatbot to detect the behavioural trends among trends among international students or policy trends in European or African countries in 2021.

    You can equally ask the chatbot to detect the trends in the African music or film industry in the last two years.

    Prompt: “Provide a short analysis of the latest e-commerce trends and consumer behavior patterns in the first quarter of 2023.”

    3. Academic Research Analysis:

    OpenAI’s chatbot can now help you analyse academic researches in just few minutes.

    By doing so, you would be saving a lot of time that you would have used in doing the analysis if the chatbot is not here to help you.

    Imagine a situation whereby you are conducting a research or a study into an issue as your theses or project and you have numerous data to analyse. All you need to do is ask the chatbot to do the analysis for you and you will get your result in minutes.

    Prompt: “Summarize the key findings of the latest research published in ‘Nature’ last week on exoplanet destruction. Give an answer in markdown.”

    4. Get tips to be more productive:

    ChatGPT can now help you get tips to be more productive, especially if you are working from home.

    It can also give you tips on anything.

    Working from home can come with many distractions that can reduce your productivity. But with the internet-enabled chatbot, you can get tips on how to be more productive.

    Prompt: “From recent online studies, what are the top 5 tips to work better from home? Makes a summary table.”

    5: Stock Market Analysis:

    ChatGPt can help you analyse stock the stock market, helping you maximise profit.

    It can take the advantages of real-time data to analyse the stock market and the share health of a company you want.

    Those who do forex trading can also tap into this possibility and better their lots.

    Prompt: “Based on the latest financial results of the tech companies, how can their shares evolve in the coming weeks?”

    6: Explain concepts and complex events:

    Do you want to know more about a complex event or concept? Well, the chatbot can now explain complex situations or concepts to you using current information.

    Assuming you are confused about a new trend such as the Metaverse or blockchain concepts like hash and hash rates. All you need do is ask ChatGPT to explain such concepts in simpler terms for you and voila! You have it in just seconds.

    Prompt: “Give the current price of gasoline in France and explain to a 12 year old why this price isn’t going down now while the price of oil is going down.”

    7: Simplified Coding with latest Documentation:

    OpenAI’s chatbot can now help you code better as it looks and provides you with latest information about how to code better.

    Prompt: “Code the structure of a manifest file of a Chrome extension using the latest available documentation.”

    8: Write Updated Essays:

    This is especially helpful to students and writers as the chatbot can now help in writing essays with latest references and links.

    You can get links to latest writers, quotes and or citations to write your essays better. This way, your essay won’t have obsolete references.

    Prompt: “Write an essay on the Napoleonic Wars citing your sources with links. Add titles in markdown.”

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