Breaking: Apple Wants To Buy Manchester United Football Club

    Tech giant, Apple as well as other technology companies like Amazon, are interested in buying Manchester United Football club for a whopping £5.8 Billion.

    If the deal pulls trough for Apple, then Manchester United will cease to be owned by the Glazers.

    Also, if Apple ends up buying the club, then Manchester United will become the richest club in the world.

    Apple are the largest tech company in the world with an annual revenue of about £326 Billion and an estimated net worth of as at September, 2022, of £2 trillion.

    Glazers have been owning the football club for almost 17-years now.

    The Glazers bought United in 2005 but went on to become hugely unpopular.

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    However, allegations of mismanagement and huge debt as well as the depreciation of the #mufc’s Old Trafford.

    The Allegations:

    Despite being among the biggest spenders in the transfer market all the time, the club’s stadium remains poor in state and outdated when compared to stadia of other European clubs.

    Also, Manchester United’s training facilities and infrastructure lags behind many of Europe’s top clubs.

    Confirming this, outgoing star, Cristiano Ronaldo, said when he returned to the club in 2021, he was shocked at the lack of progress in the club.

    Furthermore, fans are angry that the club, under the management of the Glazers, has accumulated huge debt on the club.

    Glazers decided to sell the club after pressure from fans wanted them out of the ownership of the club.

    The US rich owners initially set the asking price at £8.25billion but were told that such price was unrealistic.

    Although Apple have no experience running a football club, the CEO, Tim Cook is poised to buying the club.

    In fact, he has ignited buyoff talks with the banks appointed to oversee the sale, which include The Raine Group.

    Richest Clubs:

    1. Manchester United is believed to worth 2 trillion dollars (if Apple become owner).
    2. Newcastle is believed to worth 492 billion Dollars
    3. Manchester City comes behind to worth 17 billion Dollars.

    Changes to likely see if Apple buys Manchester United club:

    One significant change that we could see if Apple buys United is a new stadium.

    Apple will fund the building of a new state-of-the-art stadium that would be regarded the best in the world.

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